About Asian PGPR Society

The Asian PGPR Society is a non-profit scientific society established in 2009 to enable scientists, researchers, academicians, government groups, students, farmers, and industry personnel etc. from various agricultural disciplines to share their and discuss their common interests in teaching, research and commercialization of PGPR’s. Asian PGPR Society has more than 1500 registered life members from around the globe and is growing.

PGPR’s (Biofertilizers, Biofungicides, Biostimulants, Biosolutions, Biologicals) are Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria defined as root-colonizing bacteria that exert beneficial traits on plant-growth and development. Root colonization comprises the ability of PGPR to establish on or in the root or rhizosphere to multiply, survive and colonize along the growing root in the presence of the indigenous microflora. PGPR’s are considered as an efficient microbial competitors in the soil-root zone. Genera of PGPR generally include Acinobacter, Agrobacter, Arthrobacter, Azospirillum, Bacillus, Bradyrhizobium, Frankia, Pseudomonas, Rhizobium, Serratia, Thiobacillus, and others. In addition to plant growth promotion, PGPR are also used for controlling several plant pathogens, enhancement of nutrient up-take and in rhizomediation.

In the context of an increasing international concern for food and environmental quality, the use of PGPR for reducing chemical inputs in agriculture is a potentially an important issue. PGPR have gained world-wide importance and acceptance for sustainable agricultural benefits. PGPR’s are the potential tools for future of sustainable agriculture. The application and commercialization of PGPR for sustainable agriculture is a growing and demanding market world-wide.

The Asian PGPR Society organizes International Conferences every two years, to provide a venue for all players in the PGPR industry to meet, share, and learn about the latest game-changing innovations, cutting edge technologies, and crucial Government policies shaping the future of the globe’s sustainable agriculture. Over the years, we have organized five Asian PGPR International Conferences includes. India (2009), China (2011), Philippines (2013), Vietnam (2015), and Indonesia (2017) with a grand success.

More details can be found here: http://www.asianpgpr.com/

First Asian PGPR Comference - India, 2009

Second Asian PGPR Conference - Beijing, China, 2011

Third Asian PGPR Conference - Manila, Philippines, 2013

Fourth Asian PGPR Conference - Hanoi, Vietnam, 2015

Fifth Asian PGPR Conference, Indonesia, 2017

6th Asian PGPR Conference Preparations